Supporting Continuous Improvement

Collecting and reflecting on feedback about your work is a good habit for any organization. Most organizations have lots of options for how they can go about improving their work.  So an important early step in the process is to identify key stakeholders and ask them directly about the changes they would value most. At Harder+Company, we have learned that this kind of feedback provides useful guidance in next steps. It also builds confidence among stakeholders, particularly when our clients are open about sharing findings and the lessons they learned from that information.

Earlier this year, we worked with Austin Long and his colleagues at the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to assess user feedback about their Foundation Staff Perception Report (SPR). In a post on the CEP blog, Austin shared some of the highlights that they gleaned from the analysis. More importantly, he described the changes underway to respond to areas for improvement identified in our analysis. You can read Austin’s full reflections on the CEP blog.

For us, the exciting thing about Austin’s post is that CEP isn’t just going to rest on the positive findings we shared in our report.  Instead, it plans to use the recommendations we collected in order to make some changes for the future. As a firm that always strives to provide analysis that helps clients improve their work, one of the best rewards is to see our clients take action on the information we’ve provided.

You can see the full report on here.