Introducing Our New Logo + Website

Harder+Company is constantly evolving alongside the fields we serve. So last year, we decided it was time to refresh the Harder+Company “look.” Our brand is important to us. It shows who we are and represents us in the world. Our logo, colors, website and the whole design scheme surrounding them had served us well for years. But we wanted to refresh our design tools to better tell our story and help our clients tell theirs.

We hired the amazing Column Five Media and began the process by exploring some big questions: What is Harder+Company’s personality? What do we believe in?  How do we help our clients?

As we answered these and other questions, we also explored options for conveying those ideas visually.  Here is some of the earliest brainstorming our design partners shared with us:

From there, we started narrowing down. We wanted our new logo to be an evolution from our earlier look, and pretty quickly we arrived at something we love:




Here are some of the changes we’re most excited about:

  • The plus sign is still central, but we gave it new life. This symbol is about connection and partnership, both within the company and with our clients.
  • Our refreshed colors are warm and welcoming, celebrate our team’s diversity, and share our enthusiasm for the work our clients do.
  • We moved “community research” side by side with “Harder+Company.” This move reaffirms that the community is on equal footing with us.

From the process of refreshing our logo we dove into updating our website and publication system.  Our new materials are more visual, easier to navigate, and focused on what matters most to our clients.

If you take a moment to look around the site, we hope you’ll notice:

  • The core of our identity is still right there in our name: Community Research. We help clients use the tools of research and strategy to understand, engage, and benefit the communities they serve. And our work is built on a foundation of deeply held beliefs about who we are and how we make a difference.
  • Our diverse team remains one of our greatest strengths. Our team members offer an incredible mix of technical skills, human touch, and real-world experience that make them such good partners to our clients.
  • We understand the power of stories. On our blog, you’ll hear from various team members about exciting, challenging, and innovative new work they’re doing with clients.

We hope that you are as excited about this new look for Harder+Company as we are.  Keep coming back for more updates as we share new ideas and insights about the field.