Advancing Social Change Through Movement Building, One Relationship at a Time

Marguerite Casey Foundation (the Foundation) opened its doors in 2001 with the mission of strengthening the voices of low-income families, and sustaining a family-led movement toward social and economic justice.  After speaking with hundreds of families, thought leaders, community organizers, practitioners, and other stakeholders, the Foundation decided on a multi-faceted approach of supporting advocacy efforts to advance social change by providing general operating support, building cross-sector networks, and investing in programs and organizations aligned with its goal of cultivating a constituent-led movement. This report looks at three case studies Harder+Company conducted to help the Foundation further understand its impact in providing general opportunity support in pursuit of advancing social change through movement building. The studies explore the factors that contributed to the success of these long-term relationships and how the support of the Foundation has impacted three specific grantees — Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Faith in Action/PICO, and Greater Birmingham Ministries.