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What Works and What Doesn’t: The Hewlett Foundation’s Transparency in Sharing Evaluation Results

Posted by Harder+Company on April 9, 2014

One of the best parts of our work is getting to be a thought partner with clients. As social impact consultants, we’re always eager to help organizations take a closer look at their work and learn more about what is …

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Improving Early Ed Policy and Practice in California

Posted by Harder+Company on March 24, 2014

We’re heading to the Water Cooler Conference this week, the annual gathering that links early childhood to California’s overall education landscape. In the lead up to the conference, we’ve been tracking changes in early education to make sure our own …

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Closing the College Access Gap to Ensure Brighter Futures

Posted by Harder+Company on March 3, 2014

The Pew Research Center issued a new report on the enduring benefits of a college education. Even with college costs rising, the economic—and other—benefits of a college degree are clear. In a summary on Pew’s blog, some major findings are …

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Sharing client successes in the early childhood field

Posted by Harder+Company on February 14, 2014

Our team has recently had the pleasure of helping clients share their successes with a wider audience. In particular, we were recently able to help promote the exciting recent work of three early childhood clients: First 5 LA, First 5 …

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Putting our money where our hearts are

Posted by Harder+Company on January 1, 2014

Harder+Company takes only one approach to charitable giving, and it’s one we really love.  All of our corporate donations match personal contributions already made by our staff. Our only requirement of staff when they request the corporate match?  The recipient …

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