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San Francisco

Harder+Company was founded in San Francisco, which is still home to our company’s headquarters.  Our S.F. office is located in Potrero Hill, near the city’s design district and growing tech corridor. We work with clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as state-wide and nationally.

p: 415-522-5400
f: 415-522-5445
299 Kansas St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Aide Aceves Research Assistant
Aimee Crisostomo Research Assistant
Aimée Fribourg Research Associate
Andres Garcia Senior Research Associate
Anna Saltzman Research Associate
Arianne Mar Proposal and Marketing Manager
Clare Nolan Chief Strategy Officer / Vice President – San Francisco
Diana McDonnell Research Associate
Erika Takada Senior Research Associate
Fontane Lo Research Associate
Justine Marcus Research Assistant
Karrie Tam Research Associate
Lesly Soto Database Manager
Lillian Chen Research Assistant
Maricela Piña Senior Research Associate
Meghan Hunt Research Assistant
Michael Matsunaga Research Associate
Michelle Magee President
Nora Mallonee Research Associate
Olivia Nevitt Research Associate
Pilar Mendoza Research Associate
Raúl Martínez Senior Research Associate
Richard Vezina Director of Communications and Business Development
Rick Bradford Administrative Assistant
Terry Buer Accounting Manager